Drilling out a broken stud is an exercise fraught with danger; if the drill does not go in 100 per cent straight and parallel to the stud, the internal threads can be drilled through or worse, the cylinder head or gearbox casing can be left expensively damaged.

This new kit from Laser Tools (part number 6587), allows the user to correctly and safely drill out broken M8 and M10 studs and bolts. Ideal for use on exhaust manifolds, inlet manifolds, cylinder heads, gearboxes, differentials, etc, where stud size and spacing allows access.

The shallow design improves access to allow drilling in situ. By attaching the three-legged drill guide jig to two good stud or bolt fixings and aligning the third guide jig leg to the broken stud, the drills can be accurately aligned and the broken stud drilled out with confidence leaving just the remains of the thread to be picked out. No more drill wander causing extra damage to these expensive components.

This is a professional tool for the professional technician and is typically priced at £152.40 inc VAT and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

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