MX5parts has announced that it is once again stocking a range of aftermarket automotive horns from Stebel, the Italian manufacturer’s wares having proved justifiably popular when they were last offered by the MX5 specialist.

The extensive nature of the range carried by MX5parts means that there’s almost certain to be a Stebel horn suited to your particular car and/or application, whether or not you happen to own an example of the Mazda MX-5. This means that a wide selection of people can potentially experience the benefits of one of the best automotive horn systems currently on the market, one that embodies all of Stebel’s expertise and many decades worth of experience within this hotly contested market sector.

Far more than a mere styling accessory, Stebel’s automotive horns provide a crisp, harmonised 115db tone, and an excellent pitch. This is loud enough to let anyone around you know that you’re in the vicinity, thus helping to reduce accidents and raise awareness of the position of your car – an important factor when maneuvering a small, low sportscar in a crowded car park!

While the aural benefits of these advanced trumpet air horns are impressive and will surely get you noticed, it’s the sheer speed in which they function that’s perhaps their most spectacular trait. A mere 120 milli-seconds is all it takes for the horns to emit a honk, a span of time that’s all but imperceptible from a human point of view; put simply, you’ll get an appropriately loud blast the moment you press the button!

Operated via a single standard air compressor, the Stebel range contains 12v and 24v trumpet horns in both red and chromed finishes and can be ordered in either twin or triple configurations, the latter able to provide three alternating or harmonised tones. Both red and chrome versions of the Stebel horns look stylish and purposeful, while the fact that they require a simple, OEM air compressor to function means that there are very few limitations in terms of the type of cars that they can be fitted to.

The Stebel horns cost from £30 inc VAT (12V Stebel GP2, red) with the horn shown here is the Nautilus Chrome at £41.58 inc VAT.

More info on the Stebel range: ENDS.