When I heard that Derek Hambly had acquired the Cox GTM Coupé (more lately available via Primo Designs) I just knew I’d heard that name before.

Then it dawned on me. Back in the day when I worked on Kit Cars & Specials magazine and we sponsored the fledgling Kit Car Challenge series (a proper motley crew of Wacky Racers) inaugurated in 1984 by the 750 Motor Club, Derek used to campaign a spritely little GTM with a feisty 1329cc A-Series engine and did quite well.

Anyway, these days, Derek (then based in Dover, now near Sevenoaks, Kent), a chartered mechanical engineer, can supply spares and panels to owners of the 600 or so kits sold. Peter Leslie of Primo even got it through the SVA test, I remember.


He’s also looking at the possibility of using Ford KA mechanicals, which on the face of it seem like a good fit especially with Classic Minis continuing to rise in price. Regardless of all that Derek can supply what you need and has chassis in stock and panel kits so if anyone were to request a full GTM Coupé kit, Derek is your man…

More information from or 07814 420 388 ENDS.