SamcoSport® is now offering a direct replacement three-piece hose kit for the smallest of the Ford EcoBoost engine – the inline three-cylinder 1-litre, which debuted in 2012.

This direct replacement three hose turbo kit is manufactured using four-ply premium grade European silicone reinforced with Aramid fabric that allows for increases in both boost pressure and operating temperatures up to a maximum of 250°c.

The smooth silicone inner liner within each SamcoSport® hose has been designed to maximise flow and minimise resistance during the transition from turbo through to plenum optimising performance.

This kit is available in any of the 16 colours that SamcoSport® offers in its range and is covered by the ‘fit and forget’ factory lifetime warranty, which stands as a true testament to the quality of SamcoSport® products (see the company’s website for full details.)

The hose kit for the Ford EcoBoost 1-litre (2012 onwards), can be ordered as Samco kit number: TCS624 and retails at £127.49 inc VAT.

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Samco recommends the use of their marine grade stainless steel hose clamp kit. Some cheaper clamps may corrode or damage the hoses during the clamping process. The SamcoSport® stainless hose clamp kit is available for the Ford 1-litre EcoBoost at an additional £15.64 inc VAT ENDS.