Premium automotive tool manufacturer, Mac Tools, has announced a brand new 18-volt ½in cordless impact wrench that combines outstanding durability with immense power and comes with a three-year warranty.

Nicknamed ‘The Bruiser’ thanks to its superior power (in excess of 1600Nm) the new BWP151P2 ½in impact wrench is more than man enough for any job in the workshop. Designed to be as heavy-duty as possible to withstand tough workshop treatment, the wrench features a powerful brushless motor and heavy duty impact mechanism that combine to produce a fastening torque of 950 Nm and enormous breakaway torque of 1625Nm.

The unit is powered by new five-amp-hour R-spec lithium-ion batteries, a big improvement over previous models in the range. Produced alongside sister company DeWALT’s models, the batteries feature built-in rubber ‘bumpers’ and LED charge level indicators, and benefit from virtually zero self-discharge with no memory effect. Monitoring battery use and tool operation is an intelligent switch module that is designed to maximise performance and prevent possible damage caused by overload or temperature build-up; although Mac Tools has included a lightweight and durable head that quickly disperses heat from the motor, meaning temperature should rarely be an issue. Tool lifespan and overall performance are also increased with this head construction.

Everything about this new impact wrench has been designed with the user in mind. Speed and torque are quickly and easily adjusted via an easy-access switch, an LED light with time delay illuminates the work area both during and immediately after use, a hog ring drive end offers secure fastening and easy socket changes, and forward/reverse operation is easily selected with one hand. The inclusion of a narrow, easy-grip handle also means better grip and balance as well as reduced user fatigue.

Not content with making the tool as user-friendly as possible, Mac Tools has put the same effort into the design of its ToughSystem™ case. Built using super-tough materials and seals, the case prevents accidental damage and keeps dust and water out. Inside the case, a premium-quality foam insert houses the impact wrench itself providing maximum protection. Externally, padlock eyes are provided to deter theft while ultra-strong metal latches ensure that the lid stays firmly closed when stored away. Rubber handles integrated into the lid offer superior comfort and convenience. Additionally, the case is compatible with the ToughSystem™ trolley system for the ultimate in mobility.

Mark Hallum, Product Marketing Manager for Mac Tools UK, is very excited about the launch of the Bruiser. “It’s been a while since we launched our previous flagship impact wrench and the Bruiser represents a real step forward,” he says. “The huge power, battery upgrade and three-year warranty on the wrench offer something our customers have never seen before and I can’t wait for them to try it out. Hopefully it will end up being as indispensable in the workshop as we expect.”

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