Leading car care specialists, ValetPRO has launched  Purple Passion – a gloss enhancing paint cleanser that’s been over a year in development, and the first ever offered by the British firm.

Purple Passion is a ‘preparation’ product, designed to be used prior to waxing with either a dual or rotary action polisher or by hand. Once applied, the purple, creme-based cleanser removes light swirls and oxidisation from all painted surfaces in addition to removing contaminates such as tar spots and bonded dirt that are not removed during the normal washing process.

Purple Passion contains Carnauba wax, whose gloss amplifying properties ensure that paint work has genuine depth and truly ‘pops’ in natural light. It also affords the perfect canvas to apply a durable, long lasting car wax. In fact, Purple Passion is said to greatly improve the bonding surface of painted surfaces so protective wax coatings can last longer, in fact, ValetPRO’s in-house testing saw the firms’s hand-poured Beading Marvellous and Car Waxes’ last over 30 per cent longer compared to waxes applied panels that had been and-washed only.


This means customers won’t need to top up their wax coating as frequently, saving time, effort and money. To achieve perfection simply add a few droplets of the mixed berry scented Purple Passion on to a foam applicator, and either by hand or machine, apply a layer to paintwork. Wait five minutes and once hazy, buff off (of course more effort is required in areas where contamination is at its worst).

Purple Passion is now available from all good – and no doubt bad) resellers with an RRP of £12.99. more information is available from ENDS.