news_laser_oilDraining engine oil can be a messy job, even in a well-equipped garage, but it can also be dangerous. Hot oil can scald and waste engine oil may cause dermatitis or even cancer, plus of course, the sump drain plug usually drops into the drain pan! Laser Tools has something that might help save the day – a new magnetic sump plug tool.

It has an ultra-flexible steel cable and a super-strong magnet to firmly grip the sump plug. Simply loosen off the plug, then attach the tool and spin it off. No dirty oil on your hands, and the sump plug is safe and secure. The item can be used on horizontal or vertical sump drain plugs.

Simple ideas are the best and with the Laser magnetic sump plug tool you’ll hopefully never drop a sump plug into the drain pan again! Available now from your Laser Tools stockist, and excellent value at a typical price of £12.19 inc VAT.

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