Classic Mini A-Series engines and other classics from that era need a quality multigrade 20/50 engine oil. Lighter, modern oils tend to creep past the valve seals and produce visible smoke when the engine is pushed hard.


Also modern oils don’t have the same levels of protective zinc content as period oils did when the A-Series was new. These factors, along with the fact that 20/50 oils are getting harder and harder to find prompted Mini Spares to take the reins and offer their own brand of engine oil that is exactly right for Minis – and other classic car engines for that matter.

Mini Spares branded oil has the protective Zinc (ZDDP) property of 1300PPM (parts per million), compared to Castrol’s modern equivalent of 800PPM.

The A-Series had a reputation for heavy oil consumption during its warranty period, which caused BMC/Leyland to first recommend Castrol and then, in late 1964 to specify Duckhams Q20-50 – even though Castrol had sponsored the winning Monte Carlo Mini!

Duckhams Q20-50 is no longer available and current Castrol mineral oil lacks the extra zinc content to help erase oil consumption in classic ‘A ‘series engines. Mini Spares’ Muiltigrade 20-50 overcomes these problems and offers good mixing qualities with other oils, a low detergent cleaning chemical base to protect small gearbox bearings/layshafts from abrasive wear, zinc ZDDP protection and approval to API:CC/SE.

The oil retails at £15.36 inc VAT for five-litres wearing a part number of GUL7005T

More details from 01707 607 700 or ENDS.