Although intended as a motorcycle unit, this could have real interest to kitcar drivers.

TomTom has launched the RIDER 410, a portable navigation device for motorcycles. The launch comes as TomTom marks the tenth anniversary of the very first RIDER and to celebrate, the new RIDER 410 Great Rides Edition comes with Lifetime World Maps and 100 of Europe’s most thrilling routes preinstalled – pre-tested by Tourenfahrer, one of the biggest route providers in Europe.

The TomTom RIDER 410 builds on the success of the TomTom RIDER 400, launched in February 2015, and comes with a range of new features, including Lifetime World Maps, route planning with TomTom MyDrive, and roundtrip planning.

Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director, TomTom Consumer, said: “After 10 years of creating navigation devices for motorcyclists, it’s exciting to be launching a special edition TomTom RIDER.  As well as the new features which bikers have been asking for, such as route planning via MyDrive, Bluetooth® file sharing, and hands-free calling, we’re offering 100 of Europe’s most thrilling routes, pre-installed. The TomTom RIDER 410 has been designed for life on the road – and, like all TomTom products, we’ve focused on an innovative and easy-to-use interface that creates a beautifully simple user experience.  All you have to do is decide exactly how thrilling you want your ride to be.”

Motorcyclists can find some of the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights, by selecting how challenging they want the route to be. Three levels of windiness and hilliness can be selected on the device, ensuring an adrenaline-filled ride. Additionally, Roundtrip Planning enables the user to discover new routes by simply tapping the area they want to explore, define a starting point, and areas to visit. 

Route Planning with TomTom MyDrive

New for the TomTom RIDER 410 is the opportunity to plan the perfect trip before setting-off using TomTom MyDrive. Users can gain inspiration from riders in the know, and create their own thrilling routes on their computer before uploading them to the RIDER device via MyDrive.

Other Features

Other features include the ability to simply rotate the device to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead. Riders can also accept calls through the device, and can keep their eyes on the road with instructions through a Bluetooth® helmet audio system. The TomTom RIDER 410 also comes with Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Lifetime Speed Cameras at no extra cost, as well as a glove-friendly, waterproof screen that responds instantly to touch.

The new TomTom RIDER Great Rides Edition is available in-store and online from 8th April 2016 in two versions: The TomTom RIDER 410 and the TomTom RIDER 410 Premium Pack.  The TomTom RIDER 410 Premium Pack comes with a Car Mounting Kit, Anti-theft Solution and Travel Carry Case.

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