The new Trakrite camber bar (part number 77137) is a registered design and allows either of the Gunson camber gauges to be used with the wheels on the vehicle and the vehicle sitting on the ground. No problem usually with steel wheels but the magnetic base of the gauge will not clamp onto alloy wheels!

The Trakrite camber bar solves this problem. It is assembled in seconds and full instructions are included. It is easy to adjust and use; the top bracket allows for adjustment to the profile of the tyre, then adjust the wheel spacers to the top and bottom edges of the wheel rim – this now gives a solid metal mounting base to mount either of the Gunson camber gauges (Camber Gauge 77066 or the Magnetic Camber, Castor & King-pin gauge 77099).

When the gauge is levelled and set up, the camber angle (negative or positive) can be clearly read from the gauge. If the wheel arch is too low and there is not enough clearance for the camber bar to hang onto the tyre, the camber bar can still be used by removing the top bracket and holding in place by hand.

Designed by Gunson in the UK, the Trakrite Camber Bar is available now for a typical price of £60.82 inc VAT but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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