Jenvey Dynamics Ltd has introduced two innovative new product ranges, unveiled at last weekend’s Autosport International show.

news_jenveyTU45, an enhanced version of Jenvey’s most popular throttle bodies, is the first release from the new ‘Ultra-Light’ range, which benefits from a 43 per cent weight reduction compared to the original TB45. The company has also unveiled its new bespoke profiled butterfly valve intake system, which is port-matched to the customer’s specific engine and feature a profiled throttle plate that significantly improves air flow and engine performance.

“Jenvey’s new product announcements maintain our reputation for innovation and demonstrate our commitment to providing customers with continually evolving, market-leading products for road or race use,” said Jenvey Dynamics Ltd. managing director, Mike Jenvey.

news_jenvey_1The new TU45s will be sold alongside the existing TB45 kits, and include a new, lightweight throttle linkage, providing smoother, graduated operation for enhanced control over class-leading response. The reduction in weight has been achieved through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and an innovative design that incorporates extra bracing to ensure reduced weight is complemented by extra strength. All Jenvey throttle bodies are designed, tested and manufactured in-house using modern CAD and manufacturing processes, and are available in the company’s trademark Crackle Black finish.

Performance gains from a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ profiled butterfly valve are minimal, so Jenvey Dynamics is now offering a bespoke design service working directly with the customer for a complete intake system for high end motorsport engines where solid gains in using the profiles system can be realised. A profile butterfly and perfectly port-matched body enables the air flow path profile from inlet trumpet to cylinder head to be more consistent than that of a standard off-the-shelf component. A more aerodynamic profile reduces restrictions to the induction system and helps to optimise air flow to the engine.

news_jenvey_2“Our bespoke bodies and profiled butterfly valve systems are blueprinted to perfectly match a customer’s specific engine,” said Mike Jenvey. “The key benefit of our customisable system is matching the profile of the engine’s cylinder head to improve air flow, we ensure the components are perfectly harmonised. We designed and developed our profiled butterfly valve system in-house and rigorously tested it over the last two-years, along with our electronic actuation, on the company’s 2015 championship-winning BRSCC OSS series car and are delighted with the results!”

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