news_foliatec_accessoriesOf course, the secret of a perfect spray job lies in the preparation and to ensure every job is perfect Foliatec has now released its own range of accessories for use with its Carbody Spray Film.

First, cover all surfaces that are not to be sprayed using the Foliatec Special Mask Tape and the Fine Line Tape for long straight lines, curves and details. Use Easy Up Tape to loosen and fix seals.

Then use the specially developed Carbody Spray Film Pre-cleaner to remove grease, wax and oily residues. Spray it on all over the car and wipe it off with the Foliatec cleaning cloths. The Waffle Microfibre Cloth, with its special structure adsorbs grease, dirt and water and the Dust Binding Cloth removes fluffs and glue residues. All Foliatec quality accessories are paint-grade and have been developed for design and multi-colour paintwork.

For personal protection Foliatec also provides the right protective gear, which includes safety glasses, nitrile gloves, a painters overall, shoe covers and a respirator mask with gas and particle filters.

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