news_kleers_1One of our favourite car care brands is Kent-based KLEERS and the company located in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey has expanded their range with a superb and portable jetwash machine.

The Jetwash 1000 is a handy, self-contained cleaning solution with a detachable water tank that can hold 17-litres of water comes with a carry strap/handle and has an integrated onboard battery.

This means that it can be charged via a 240v mains plug and can work continuously for 40-minutes on a single charge that should easily be enough to do the honours on a car. I used it on my X5 and it worked superbly. You’;ll be able to read an ‘in action’ feature and view a Youtube video very soon, of us putting it through its paces.

Should the unit run low on battery power or catch you out if you forget to charge it, it also comes with a 12v power cable, which connects to – and is powered by – your vehicle’s 12V power outlet/cigarette lighter socket meaning you will never be without power!

news_kleers_2No more waiting in line to use the water standpipe when you arrive at a car show, this washer is ideal for use in locations where water is not available or in limited supply. For those that like to display their cars in pristine condition at events it seems ideal.

The trigger spray comes complete with shampoo/snow foam dispenser attachment and the jte effect is pretty impressive for such a compact unit. Fits neatly in the boot of your car and ready to use for anytime. Impressive, especially at just £99.

Find out more via this link: ENDS.