Now that we are into the winter, you may be looking for that perfect winter sealant to use as a finishing coat, to provide an ultimate gleaming protection for your car over the colder winter months.

news_powermaxedPower Maxed Winter Coat is a spray-on sealant that offers a high degree of protection against weathering, UV-damage, acid rain etching, road salt, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and industrial pollution. Its strong water sheeting capabilities and slick finish help to flush away debris that normally stick to your paint, helping your vehicle to stay cleaner between washes.

The Winter Coat Sealant can be used on the entire vehicle including glass, plastics, alloys, steel and rubbers, and will make cleaning your vehicle in the winter easier. We recommend first application to be used as supplied, and once a month dilute and spray over vehicle. This winter sealant is designed for simple application and will guarantee stunning results.

Designed to be used on any surface and has a durability of up to six months, meaning it will last well into spring.

Confident that Power Maxed Winter Coat will give the best results possible, it comes with a ‘Product Performance Money Back Guarantee’. Power Maxed Winter Coat (500ml) retails at £14.99 for more information, visit ENDS.