news_laser_ultrasonicUltrasonic cleaning is a thorough, fast and safe way of cleaning small and difficult to clean parts. This new ultrasonic cleaner from Laser Tools (part number 6164) is larger than most, its generous 13-litre fluid tank capacity enabling the cleaning of automotive components such as dismantled carburettors, brake parts, etc.

The cleaner uses high frequency sound waves to create millions of tiny bubbles in the liquid solution. These bubbles expand and collapse rapidly, the energy released creating an intense scrubbing action which is equally as effective on unseen small crevices and blind holes as on visible surfaces. The dirt is loosened and removed from any surface that the liquid touches. This action is referred to as ‘acoustic cavitation’ and occurs thousands of time per second to quickly produce clean parts.

The ultrasonic cleaner will work with ordinary distilled water as the cleaning medium but the company recommends their Cleaning Fluid (part number 6289), which will aid the removal of stubborn dirt or soiling and even tarnish, rust and carbon from most metals.

Suitable for the professional workshop, The Laser Tools Ultrasonic Cleaner is available now from your Laser Tools stockist. Remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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