news_eurax_rustycoEurax Ltd is now stocking Rustyco rust remover products from The Netherlands. These are rust removers and not a treatment that converts rust into something else.

It removes rust completely leaving a microscopically clean and natural steel or iron surface that is ready to accept paint or other finishes and it’s available in two forms:
Rustyco Dip
Just pour Rustyco Dip into a suitable container and dilute it with water. Remove oil, grease and any loose rust from the rusty object and submerge it in the solution. The makers say that the rust will float off.

There is no limit as to how long objects can be left in the solution, which can be used over and over again.
Rustyco Gel

If the rusty object cannot be submerged, paint a thick coat of Rustyco Gel onto the object and leave it to take effect. Ensure the gel does not dry out by covering it with cling film. The process can be speeded up by brushing Rustyco gel into the rust with a scouring action. When the rust has disappeared simply wash and wipe to leave a clean, rust free surface. Rustyco gel can be left to work for as long as you like, as long as it’s not allowed to dry out (in which case you just re-apply).

Rustyco is available in various sizes with Rustyco Dip priced from £24.99 and Rustyco Gel from £39.99. Prices include VAT.

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