Comma1The Comma website has recently been updated with a number of enhancements and additions to the Technical Support and General Enquiries sections, making it even easier to access more information.

Visitors to will immediately notice a new ‘Contact Us’ panel on the home page, which clicks through to the General and Technical Enquiries section that feature the ‘Ask an Expert’ facility.

On the Product Recommendation pages, more information has been added in the rare instances where ‘no recommendation’ is shown for a vehicle. Where this is the case, a fuller explanation is provided via a link through to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

FAQs on the Technical Support area of the site – which remains accessible from the PassengerVehicle and Commercial Vehicle pages – have also been updated. There is now more information provided in answer to questions, including imagery and clicks-through to relevant ‘Tech Talk’ bulletins, which are now downloadable as PDFs from a newly added section.

The interactive lubricants and coolants Training Modules – currently available through the passenger vehicle/training content – are now accessible to all visitors without the need to sign up or log in. Though the training certificate will not be personalised – that distinction will remain reserved for distributors and technicians taking the more intensive test via the Distributor and Professional Partner portals – there will still be the ability to print a generic one if gaining a 100 per cent score.

Visit to check out the improvements, learn more, or get a product recommendation by vehicle model or registration backed up by Comma’s unique 100% Compatibility & Quality Guarantee.

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