news_lazer_lamps_12015 has been a good year for the Lazer Lamps Triple-R lighting range. Officially launched in the spring.

Now, less than six months later, Lazer Lamps has announced two exciting developments that it feels will make the Triple-R range even more popular within the marketplace.

The first is that the Lazer Lamps Triple-R 750 duo of Standard and Elite models have been granted E-mark certification and are therefore fully legal for use on public roads. Production of models with the all-important E-mark on the lens commenced immediately, so that availability would be assured immediately after this announcement.

Each model possesses over five times the peak intensity of the equivalent model in their ST/RS range of driving lights. Even the Triple-R 750 Standard delivers enough illumination (1 lux) to read a newspaper 430m away from the light source, while the Elite model features higher output LEDs that are 20 per cent more powerful.

news_lazer_2These long-range optics means the Triple-R 750 range is a superb aid to night-time vision on public roads. The entire Triple-R range is now available in an alternative colourway – a new black outer finish. This colour option will be welcomed by those looking for more discreet, OEM-style integration of their auxiliary lights, without losing anything in terms of lighting performance.

Finally, as if three announcements wasn’t enough for a single product line in one year, Lazer Lamps anticipates being able to make a fourth before the onset of winter. The larger Triple-R 1000 Standard model has already been submitted for E-mark approval.




Triple-R 750 – £228

Triple-R 750 Elite – £300

Triple-R 1000 – £372

Triple-R 1000 Elite – £480

All prices inc VAT.

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