news_forgeGloucestershire-based Forge Motorsport has been at the forefront of engineering-led tuning improvement for decades, but not many enthusiasts know about their bespoke fabrication division. Although the mainstay of Forge’s output is beautifully CNC-machined and hand-crafted production items, there also exists a small, but talented team that can crate literally anything for motorsport, specialist manufacturing or prototyping purposes.

Working from the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software, or even ‘a rough sketch off the back of a fag packet’, these talented alloy artisans can produce anything as a one-off. Whether it be a set of titanium wheel nuts for a Bugatti EB110 or any type of custom fuel, header or catch tank.

Literally anything can be fabricated precisely to the customer’s drawings to create a part that literally drops into the car for easy fitment. Essential for race and competition applications and a real boon for those looking to complete a kit or component car, or those undertaking engine swaps who need bespoke, tailored solutions for moved components or plumbing nightmares. Forge’s in-house SiliconHoses.Com subsidiary can also supply literally any type or size of race quality silicone hose to complete the picture.

Clients vary from top-level race teams, through to hot-rodders, kitcar builders and restorers looking to improve on a compromised part, or indeed replicate items that are now no longer available.

Commenting on this lesser known facet of the company, Forge managing director, Peter Miles, said: “Forge started with a small group of talented fabricators making unique, high-quality parts. Since then we have invested heavily in the very latest production technology, rapid prototyping and CNC machinery to allow us to produce in volume, while maintaining our quality ethos – but we still relish the challenge of creating something totally unique for specialist applications.”

So, whatever your fabrication requirements, it’s definitely worth giving Forge Motorsport a call. If you can think it, they can make it. Give them a call with your requirements. If it’s physically possible to be made in any kind of metal, they can definitely do it!

For more information visit or find them at the other end of 01452 380 999 ENDS.