news_ring_automotiveBusy country roads, congested city streets and motorways are continuously putting the skills of even the best drivers to the test. Getting involved in a car accident is one of the worst experiences imaginable. If no one is seriously injured, then the blame game can begin, and it is your word against the other party involved. In today’s world, where criminals are opportunists, dash cams can help protect against insurance fraud.

In-car cameras, also known as ‘dash-cams’ have gained recognition as a tool to record road accidents and unexpected events to help provide irrefutable evidence in an insurance claim. They ensure peace of mind if a car accident wasn’t your fault or if your car has been damaged. Dash camera systems may help to reduce the time taken to settle an insurance claim. Some insurance providers even offer discounts on their premiums for dash cams being installed.

New to Ring’s Vehicle Safety Systems, a range of In-car cameras. The RBGDC10 Dash Camera system with its high-resolution, 3mp image sensor has a fully adjustable 1½in LCD screen including night vision LEDS.

The G sensor data protection automatically senses a crash and locks the video against overwriting, so crucial footage is saved. The camera also includes a built-in microphone to detect any sounds in the vehicle. The videos are saved using loop recording, with new footage overwriting old, which means that you won’t run out of space. The camera also features auto on/off, so you never miss a moment and date/time stamp, all of which are crucial if you are presenting evidence.

The RBGDC50 Dash Camera system includes all the above features but what sets it apart is its 2.7in wide screen display. Also included is a number plate stamp, which once you have keyed it into your camera system, it will always identify your number plate on every piece of video footage.

Top of the range is the RBGDC200 compact camera, which captures video footage while driving in FULL HD 1080P resolution. The camera has a 2in LCD screen for even better field of vision, providing a wider view in front of the vehicle.

GPS software provides the exact location, records your speed and tracks your entire journey for viewing later on Google maps. This software is useful if for example, another road user is disputing blame and footage alone isn’t enough to confirm important details. A lead is also included.

Whether you are a private car owner, taxi driver, light commercial vehicle driver or motor home owner, there are many reasons to consider installing one, for peace of mind and to prepare you for the unexpected on today’s busy roads. More information from ENDS.