It was great to bag the EXCLUSIVE first feature on the new Speed 3 Automotive SP3WT, last week, a mighty fine, spaceframe Mini that uses the MG TF as donor vehicle. A version based around MGF will also be available, incidentally.

news_speed3The company is based in Crook, County Durham, very close to the Teesdale and Wearsdale beauty spots and run by Steve Milburn, ably assisted by wife, Tammy and son, Luke, with the name ‘Speed 3’ coming from the fact there are three of them and they all like er, speed! Fair enough.

The SP3WT is available in 20 modules, which adds up to a comprehensive package with all the components needed to build a car, aside from the donor components (which Speed 3 can supply on a pallet) and the requirement for paint should you wish, although the bodyshell has a gelcoat finish (standard RAL colours available).

news_speed3_2So, when you add it all together it comes in at around £12,200, although if you went your own way on some of the modules and was careful with your budget you could be DIY-ed up for about £9000, Steve reckons.

A very promising newcomer and don’t forget you’ll be able to read about the car in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of TKC Mag. In the meantime, ENDS.