news_rps_1RPS Ltd has been busy producing its superb RP251 MGB revamp kits, which help transform the looks of (particularly) rubber bumper MGBs, giving them a stylish look rather than just removing the heavy bumpers, which at around 50kg, aren’t made of rubber!

They’re also busy working on their MG TF (and MGF)-based RPX body conversion, which is seen here in semi-complete form. They recently exhibited the part built demonstrator at the MG LIVE show at Gaydon and met with stunning and positive feedback.

You may have read elsewhere on these pages that we’ll soon be featuring the RPX in TKC Mag as part of a build series. We’ll be seeing how close we can take a 1.8-litre K-Series VVC to 300bhp but more on that soon, too.

news_RPS_2In more RPS news, they’ve also acquired the rights and moulds to the VEE BEE WING MGB body conversion, which approximates the sixties Counes MGB Berlinetta styling exercise produced in Belgium in the sixties.

More information from or 07900 431 244 ENDS.