The Comma brand Performance Motor Oils (PMO) range of fifteen advanced engine oils provides up to 99 per cent coverage of the total UK passenger vehicle requirements.

Five popular products in the PMO range have newly upgraded specifications – fully synthetic Syner-Z 5W-30, fully synthetic Pro-Tech 5W-30, fully synthetic Syner-G 5W-40, fully synthetic PD Plus 5W-40 and semi-synthetic Eurolite 10W-40.  These new PMO specifications will start to be introduced this month.

Comma is also introducing fourteen new part numbers across eleven of the Comma PMO grades to meet the continuing market requirement for an extended choice of pack sizes, including 1-litre and 60-litres. Every Comma PMO grade is now available in 1-litre top-up packs.

This follows spot-check roadside research by Comma revealing that one in three cars is running around on low engine oil, which is a very worrying claim. It doesn’t take long to check it and as someone who has experienced a catastrophic engine failure at high speed (core plug dropped out at 115mph thus grenading the engine on an Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagen I owned once) it isn’t a nice experience and inevitably results in a big bill…

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