I can HONESTLY say that I have been predicting for at least two years that the MGF/MGTF were going to break big as donor vehicles. I always remember one particular idiot scoffing at my claim. I wish I had bet him a tenner!

The list of cars is growing, indeed we’ve just done a deal with one manufacturer to do a build series on his new MGTF kit. That’s the reason we’ve been running ‘Project OMG’ series in the magazine, although to be fair we were earlier than the kit! Indeed, we’ve just bought another MGF project car for the purpose.

Anyway, the latest new one that we can tell you about is the SP3WT a spaceframe Mini kit that is based on yep, you guessed it, MGTF!

The man behind the project is Steve Milburn, a serial kit builder from Crook, County Durham. The car has been designed to be affordable and easy to build and from the TF you use items such as front and rear subframes (including hubs and suspension), engine, brakes, wiring loom, dashboard, instruments, gauges, switches, wheels, tyres, radiator, fan, handbrake, gearlever and all door furniture. Quite a lot then!


The MIG-welded chassis is manufactured using a combination of 25mm, 38mm and 45mm CDS tubing throughout with ERW box-section steel used on the floor and tunnel area. The bodyshell comes standard in white but there are a variety of other gelcoat colours available on request.

Kit prices start at £2850 inc VAT for the chassis package with the body kit at £2380 inc VAT. Other modules are available, some mandatory, some optional and Steve reckons that a budget example could be completed for around £9500 with a top-spec one, using all-new parts, around £12,000.

This one is a very exciting new arrival and one thing you can be sure of (in addition to the rise of the MGF/TF!) is that you’ll read the FIRST and EXCLUSIVE feature on the SP3WT in TKC Mag…

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