New company, FourWD Engineering, run by Simeon Scruton, has acquired the rights to the NCF Motors range of Sahara and brand new Arctic kits, after NCF’s Nick Findeisen wanted to retire from kitcar manufacturing after some 36-years valiant service.

Arctic is all-new

Nick has been responsible for some very notable kits and following a ‘special’ built with his dad, Mike, his first commercial offering was the Diamond (still the best kit of its type ever produced, in my humble opinion) and he followed it up with all sorts of off-road orientated devices including Out Bak, Traka, Road Rat, Blitz, Blitz 2, Blitz 4×4 and Torino.

The packages were always well thought out and were buildable, always offering excellent value for money. I always got on with Nick, from way back in the eighties when we were young men.

Anyway, the legacy remains thanks to Simeon and as mentioned he’ll offer the Land Rover Discovery-based Sahara (kits from £2800) and the intriguing all-new Arctic, based around cheap as chips Suzuki Vitara mechanicals with kits priced at £1850.

Safari is Disco-based

Both promise, rugged go-anywhere fun and as they are both based on the un-modified floorpans of their respective donors, they are IVA exempt.

We hope to bring you more on this one soon although in the meantime visit or call 07789 406 201 ENDS.