Do you hear that? That little hiss coming from your engine bay? That’s your radiator and cooling system throwing its dummy out on a hot day. A terrible sinking feeling…

Mishimoto Liquid Chill™ Synthetic Engine Coolant and Liquid Chill™ Radiator Coolant Additive are new products that could help.  Formulated to operate under extreme conditions and with both petrol and diesel engines, Liquid Chill™ Synthetic Engine Coolant will help your engine warm up quickly and maintain ideal operating temperatures.

The product combines an inherently non-toxic propylene glycol base with unique poly organic additives (POAT) to allow a service life that can exceed over seven years or 750,000 miles in heavy duty (diesel) applications and over two years or 250,000 miles in petrol  applications.

Although Mishimoto engineers recommend consulting your service manual for application-specific guidelines. Liquid Chill™ Synthetic Engine Coolant is designed to meet or exceed all stock specifications and exceeds the specs needed to pass ASTM D6210 and ASTM D3306 coolant tests.

Mishimoto Liquid Chill™ radiator coolant additive is a simple yet effective way to reduce engine temperatures. This additive is compatible with all coolant types and does not require mixing. Mishimoto Liquid Chill™ is proven to reduce engine temperatures and is suitable for use in any liquid-cooled engine, including your diesel truck, hatchback, or dirt bike.

It’s safe for use with all alloys and is formulated with a corrosion inhibitor, which not only prevents future corrosion but also will reduce pre-existing build-up.

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