Driving in poor weather conditions brings with it many challenges with real pressure on windscreen wiper blades, although they are often the most neglected component on a vehicle according to consumer research.

An online consumer poll conducted for Trico Ltd, has indicated that some 10 per cent of motorists admitted to never checking their windscreen wiper blades, even though seeing clearly is vital to road safety. Most drivers were also totally unaware that defective wiper blades can lead to a £1000 fine and penalty points on their license.

Trico, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of windscreen wiper blades, has launched a new and important range called TRICO Force®. The unique benefit of this new wiper blade is that it effectively converts and transfers wind-force into windscreen wiper pressure, making it one of the most effective and efficient wiper blades on the market.

The new blade range utilises a unique Trico development called VorTec™, an aerofoil technology that directs wind-power in a clever way converting wind flow into windscreen blade contact, even at speeds of up to 135mph. In addition, another development, HighGlide™, a unique rubber blade treatment, ensures a smooth and quiet wiping action across the windscreen.

An important consideration for motorists and reinforced by consumer research, is the ease of replacement blade fitment, which in the past has been a bugbear for drivers. Trico’s easy fit technology allows quick and simple fitment for all common wiper arm types with only three adaptors required for the vast majority of vehicle blades.

Prices for the TRICO Force® blades range from £16.45 to £29.80 ENDS.