Brilliant display as usual from Gardner Douglas. Positively makes you proud. Massively busy place all weekend. Loving the retro package for the GD427 Mk3. Thanks to Meena for the fantastic samosas that I never really had the chance to thank her for. If GD did

Stratos line-up just part of Hawk's large presence at the show.

Not only did Matt Downes re-launch the Stylus at the show, which was great to see, but he put on a superb display.

As usual, Mills Extreme Vehicles, took over one end of Hall 1, putting on a superb display of 'MEV-NESS' (I just made that word up!) with the revised Replicar really catching my eye. Note new doors among the many changes.

Good to see the Mazda MX-5-based Ewens Roadster all-but ready. I was taken with the paint colour only to discover it's a fiendish wrap...clever.

Looking for the KL Roadster outside at the show, I was surprised to see it parked all alone on a patch of grass. Surely such a stylish and let's face it, pretty, new arrival deserved a stand in the hall? I really like the Mazda MX-5-based newcomer, though.

As a former designer for MG Rover, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, Vortex Auto boss, Chris Greville-Smith is highly self-critical, although his belief in the V2 seems well-founded. Lots of people at the show said they really like the car, which certainly is looking very good.

MR2-based Turismo Avalanche GT

With MEV commandeering one end of Hall 1, Tribute Automotive ring-fenced the other! Here's atheir new 250SWB, based on BMW Z3.

Loving the new Kawasaki Green Raw Striker demonstrator, the first to feature Ford Duratec power, one of Omex Technology's units delivering 180bhp. and

One of a growing number of MGF/MG TF-based kits is the wonderfully-named, Pie Valley Minx featuring some really nice touches

Pat Jackson Motorsport's HSR Healey-inspired bodyshell to suit most Lotus Seven type cars is now under the control of Kitparts Direct and known as the Jetson