Jenvey Dynamics has launched a new downdraft throttle body kits for the GM LS3 V8, unveiled last weekend at the National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh. The fast-road and full race set-ups, which provide increased power and throttle response, are lighter in weight than currently available systems.

The modular design also helps provide a solution for engine bays where space is restricted, such as high performance applications. Indeed, and in-car installation of the new CKCT04  LS3 downdraft SFD kit was on show fitted to a GD427.

“Demand in the USA and Europe has driven the introduction of the downdraft SFD kit for the Chevrolet LS3; the engine is a popular choice for kit and specialist car builders, such as Gardner Douglas, who want a high-quality downdraft alternative to the already-available crossover option from Jenvey” said Mike Jenvey, managing director at Jenvey Dynamics.

“We have a proud history of innovation, and the modular design and light weight of these kits is perfect for highly configurable, bespoke vehicle builds where space may be of a premium or customers require a choice of engine bay aesthetics. Expectations for the standard kit are for around 50bhp gains on an internally stock engine, with further benefits of improved driveability, and an easier to set up linkage with progressive throttle control, which provides ease of use in a high power, lightweight chassis.”

All kits undergo CAE stress analysis of manifolds to verify OE-quality of components, all of which are CAD developed, prototyped, tested and produced in-house in the UK. The base Chevrolet LS3 ITB downdraft kit includes eight SFD 52mm parallel bore throttle bodies, a pair of lightweight manifolds with fuel rails to suit the standard injectors, short billet air assembly to fit idle air system (optional). The full race kit includes larger SFD 58mm taper throttle bodies and 60mm long carbon air horns.

The new kits join Jenvey’s extensive range of induction components and the first batches are expected to be available from June, with prices from £2220.

Visit for further details or to buy direct from the comprehensive online shop ENDS.