Along with Mills Extreme Vehicles, Chris Welch’s Dorsetshire-based Tribute Automotive, is among the most prolific manufacturers, and with his right-hand man, Dan Critchley, is busy preparing the new Tribute 250SWB based on BMW Z3 mechanicals for launch at the National Kit Car Motor Show.

As usual, Chris and Dan, will probably be finishing their preparations with hours to spare before departing for Warwickshire, but typically they’ll get there – literally!

More Tribute news this week involves the Toyota MR2-based body conversion, the DGT, hitherto made by JH Classics, which will now come under their control, with JH boss, John Hurst, concentrating on a newly revised MR2 Mk3 donor package, which is nearing completion.

More information on this one next week on these pages although in the meantime you can contact Tribute Automotive via or 07901 544 241 ENDS.