Nice line in LED lights

West Midlands-based Spiyda Design is an innovative little company, run by a very clever man indeed!

They design, manufacture and sell niche parts to owners of niche vehicles and their innovative inventory contains some superb products including a variety of clever LED lights, adjustable radiator fan switch and controller, miniature ‘low fuel warning’ light, master warning light module, analogue tachometer and the fiendishly cool Fuel Gauge Wizard, which is a little box of joy.

Tiny Fuel Wizard is a clever gadget

At just £39, the tiny device is ideally suited to kitcar use. It matches senders to gauges, even reversed ones, can compensate for reverse gauge, reading low, reading high and features high-quality multi-turn pots. An additional £20 buys the anti-slosh function option. You can also select gauge type and sender resistance (measured in ohms).

You’ll need to visit their website to see the full extent of what they offer, including Mini-orientated parts, Harley Davidson components and general car electronics.

More on this and all the company’s products via or 07859 106 329 ENDS.