Laser Tools has recently introduced two oil drain pans designed as a convenient solution for waste oil disposal. Part number 5628 is designed to fit a standard 205-litre (44-gallon) oil drum, fitting snugly around the rim with the drain outlet lining up with the drum’s filler opening.

Part number 6034 is for 20-30-litre drums or containers and features ribbed draining channels and a removable drain filter. Waste oil from containers and filter elements simply drains down into the drum or container below.

The 5628 drain pan is 550mm diameter and 105mm deep, the 6034 350mm diameter and 127mm deep, and both are manufactured from oil- and chemical-resistant polythene.

Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, the 5628 205 litre drum version typically priced at £79.10 inc VAT and the 6034 20-30 litre drum version at £19.20 inc VAT, but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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