Unhappy with the standard method of attacking leather with aggressive cleaners and then smothering it in sticky oils or waxes that lead to dye transfer and trapped dirt (a process that ultimately leads to the degradation of coloured finishes)? Well, the technicians at CődeClean have created two new products that work in combination to clean and protect leather safely and effectively.

CődeClean’s Leather Cleaner (£7 for 500ml) contains a superior blend of soaps and mild solvents to remove a wide range of dirt and contaminants (including blue dye from jeans), leaving a natural finish and barrier that reduces the likelihood of re-soiling. It has been designed to leave leather feeling supple and soft and regular use will prolong the life of seats and trim and maintain as new.

The company’s Leather Care Cream (£6 for 300gm) adds a protective barrier, leaving a soft to the touch, fresh and water-repellent non-sticky finish on leather of all ages. Even after one application, the cream will prevent leather from wrinkling by elasticising the colour coat and halting the proliferation of cracks. It leaves behind a waterproof finish that will keep your leather protected for months on end, without collecting dirt, staining clothes or leaving behind a surface that is excessively slippery.

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