Visitors to Cheltenham Welding Services can take advantage of a very special ‘Mini-Braze’ kit priced at just £235 inc VAT, which includes flashback arrestors EN730-1, oxygen regulator with outlet pressure gauge, pressure-adjustable propane MAP regulator, hoses, torch, nozzles (sizes #2, #3#, #5, #10 and flexible #3) and can be used with all industrial gas cylinders.

The package also includes a stainless steel cylinder stand, flip-up shade five safety spectacles and tip cleaners.

You can also order the package via mail order although postage restrictions means that disposable oxygen and propane canisters can’t be sent in the post or by courier, so you’ll have to purchase the canisters locally, so the package price – less canisters – is £210 inc VAT.

More information from ENDS.