As engine RPM increases, so does the risk of valvetrain failure. To ensure consistent, reliable valve operation, Manley makes NexTek Dual Valve Springs, which are made from high-tensile chrome silicone steel. The springs have an incredible resistance to fatigue. An extended tip thickness eliminates overload breakage and a flat open end reduces valve stem side loading.

Using a proprietary, multi-step heating process, Manley is able to create springs that minimise valve bounce and valve gear separation. Most importantly, NexTek valve springs have a smaller diameter and lighter weight than similar springs, allowing the engine to rev faster and higher.

Manley NexTek dual valve springs come in a wide range of heights, outside/inside diameters, and spring rates. Choose from a single, dual, or triple springs-per-valve application. The springs are available individually or in sets of 16.

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