With noise restrictions so harsh at racing circuits these days, kitcars (and many other types too) can easily fall foul of decibel limits on trackdays up and down the land.

If you’ve ever done a trackday at Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire you’ll know that it can be a challenge to pass the noise test. However, you’ll also be aware that thanks to Merlin Motorsport being located on site, help is often at hand.

The motorsport parts maestros offer their own design ‘Merlin Muffler’, which is an additional silencer used on trackdays where the existing system fails the noise test. This muffler, unlike some other decibel reducers, which effectively block the end of your exhaust causing an increase in back pressure, is a straight-through device that allows noise waves to be dissipated within the can thus reducing noise levels without ’strangling’ the engine.

MERLIN MILD STEEL RACING MUFFLER costs £58.50 inc VAT and if you’ve got a twin exhaust pipe system such as on a V8 engine, for example, you’ll require two. Merlin’s muffler is available in exhaust diameter sizes from 47mm-76mm ENDS.