Trick Flow doesn’t mess around when it comes to the GM LS engine. Its GenX 260 cylinder head series is the latest salvo in the war for LS7 dominance. The heads use high flow, high velocity CNC Competition Ported runners to deliver all-out flow and performance across the entire power-band.

Trick Flow GenX 260 cylinder heads are cast from A356-T6 aluminum, beefed-up with extra material to make them rigid and strong. Factory ports, valve angles, and locations have been preserved to ensure compatibility with stock valves and pistons. There’s also plenty of clearance for 3/8 inch pushrods and through-deck coolant holes, which means they’re compatible with all GM LS gasket and block combinations.

The heads feature one-piece billet aluminium rocker arm mounts to stabilise the valvetrain, yet they’re removable if builders opt for shaft rocker set-ups. Engine builders can choose from fully assembled heads (with PAC Racing Pacaloy™ valve springs, retainers, locks, and valves) or bare head castings.

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