We’ve been using Gibbs® Brand maintenance spray in the totalkitcar/tkc mag workshop for several years now and it really is a superb product that really does what it says on the label.

Created back in 1969 in America, by engineer, Paul Gibbs, his eponymous spray is a penetrant that has a multitude of uses for automotive, marine, motorcycle and around the house. It is more expensive than some others but it does a lot more, and does them effectively, too.

Another thing that sets it apart from most competitors is that it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals and it is also the first patented product of its type and is versatile enough to replace several products in one 430ml can as it cleans, penetrates, inhibits corrosion, waterproofs and of course, lubricates.

Gibbs works in all temperatures to clean and eliminate corrosion and is also safe to use (unlike some others) on plastic, rubber and even wood. It can also be used a cleaning agent and surface conditioner fluid leaving a thin layer of viscosity that resists gelling and residue build-up.

A 420ml spray-can costs £14.95 inc VAT and is available in the UK from 01279 8416 049 or via www.gibbsbranduk.com ENDS.