Performance 1 Coatings is a new ceramic coating specialist based in Witney, Oxfordshire.

The new advanced ceramic coating effectively reduces exhaust surface temperatures, with a whole host of benefits. These include reduced engine bay temperatures, protection for vulnerable components, located nearby, reduced cabin temperatures, exhaust corrosion resistance, plus increased exhaust gas temperatures for higher velocity. So it offers all of the benefits of a traditional exhaust wrap but with a far more durable and attractive finish.

Performance 1 Coatings has also launched a new service just for tailpipes, silencers or finishers. This gives heat protection for the rear bumper with a cool looking finish, and it’s more affordable and practical than sending off a full exhaust system for coating.

It can be applied to new or secondhand components and prices start at just £40. There’s a range of colours to match your car’s style, and the heat resistant coating will not tarnish or chip-off like many high temperature paints.

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