AT Power has developed new direct-to-head (DTH) throttles bodies for the three-cylinder Toyoya three-cylinder 1KR-FE engine with their development partners, and ECU specialists, Emerald M3D.

Adjustments to the inlet length, inlet taper and mapping have resulted in significant ‘bolt-on’ gains of up to 10bhp, claim AT Power from the OEM redline at 6000rpm to a new limit of 7000rpm.

This versatile engine has found a home in a wide-range of applications, from the OEM roadgoing Toyota Aygo, Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107, to hovercraft, light aircraft and lightweight racing applications. AT Power’s DTH throttle bodies offers a cost-effective, lightweight solution to significantly increase the output of the power unit.

The product features a unique triple housing and CNC-machined from aerospace-quality billet aluminium, incorporating the company’s patented ‘shaftless’ throttle technology.

Inlet lengths can be configured according to application or packaging requirements and a choice of TPS options are available, as you’d expect. A durable anodised finish ensures that the product maintains its quality finish throughout its life and a range of colours are available.

We recently featured the MK Indy ‘mule’ used by Toyota engine suppliers, DEE Ltd that features the 1KR-FE in standard but have been back since to try it now that a turbocharger has been added, which takes power output from 80bhp to 126bhp, so this announcement is quite apt.

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