Lucas’ new XRF (Extreme Racing Formula) contains a unique blend of zinc, moly, phosphorous, and special additives.

“This is a major breakthrough in racing oils and lubricants” said Les Downey, managing director, Lucas Oil Products UK. “It raises horsepower in the toughest of environments and – most importantly – provides better engine protection between oil changes.”

The new zinc technology and special additives offer high performance racing engines a thicker and tougher film that can bond with the moving parts to help protect internal components from destructive metal-on-metal contact.

An 18 month long partnership between Lucas Oil and premier racing teams in major US racing series such as NASCAR, IndyCar, Off-Road and NHRA have proved their effectiveness in competition.

US Technical Director, Mark Negast said: “The key is finding the right base oil and additive chemistry to provide synergistic performance benefits.”

The Lucas Oil XRF range features some of the most effective advanced lubrications available. It includes utility lubricants such as engine break-in oils, gear oils, greases, and suspension fluids.

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