Although the UK and USA are the real hot-beds of kitcar activity around the world, around thirty other countries have the semblance of a self-build car industry, some bigger than others.

Brazil has always been very active, while Australia has a fairly buoyant (albeit smaller than it used to be) industry, although their stringent ADR regulations have made things harder for DIY-ers.

Meanwhile, New Zealand, has always been known for classic car restoration and turnkey Jaguar replicas. They’ve also got an active kitcar industry – a long established one – with companies like Alternative Cars, Almac, Bolwell and Elfin (bought by the late Tom Walkinshaw’s TWR in 2010).

A very neat fairly new arrival on the New Zealand scene is the wonderfully-named Rhubarb Cars, who make a very cool-looking Mazda MX-5-based kit called the Roadster.

The men behind the project – Colin Smith, Roger Rimmer, Adrian Rimmer and Bruce Hancett – have all spent a lot of time in the UK working within motorsport, particularly Formula Ford FF1600.

Indeed, Roger Rimmer, was also involved with the Racecorps LAi Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar during his time in the UK.

More on the Roadster via www.rhubarbcarsnz.com ENDS.