If you are having problems matching the paint on a classic Triumph or MG, Moss Europe is now offering a complete range of colours that have been carefully blended to be an exact match to the original paint as used by the factory.

Moss can supply paint in either aerosol or brush-on format. The aerosols come in 400ml cans at £17.20 and the brush-on paints are available in 125ml cans with a brush in the cap at £11.20.

They can supply colours for the following:
MG T Type
MGB, MGC and MG V8
Midget (and AH Sprite)

Triumph Spitfire

TR5 and TR6

TR2 – TR4A

Clearly, these paints are ideal for kitcar owners with Triumph or MG-inspired cars and replicas.

For more details contact Moss Europe on 0208 867 2000 or visit www.moss-europe.co.uk ENDS.