As the weather gets colder, temperature changes within your engine can trigger problems such as a blown head gasket. As we (nearly!) all know, a blown head gasket has several tell-tale symptoms including white steam from the exhaust, engine overheating, creamy white liquid on the oil filler cap and excessive coolant consumption.

The average mechanical repair cost of a blown head gasket is over £800, based on research conducted at the end of 2018. Certain vehicles can cost over £1300 to put right. In many instances, the cost of repairing the engine outweighs the value of the vehicle itself.

Steel Seal is a pour-in head gasket fix, which retails at £39.99 from Halfords and other automotive retailers. Simply pour into the cooling system of the affected vehicle, idle the engine for half an hour, switch the vehicle off and allow it to cool.

The clear liquid contains chemicals, which activate only when exposed to the pressure and temperature around a blown head gasket, sealing the damaged part of the engine to permanently repair the fault. One bottle treats up to a 2.5-litre engine. Larger motors will require more than one bottle.

Steel Seal offers a lifetime money-back guarantee so that if for any reason, the product does not provide a complete fix, an additional bottle or refund can be supplied.

To learn more about Steel Seal and blown head gaskets, visit ENDS.