XCS Designs has announced that the company is under new ownership following its successful sale to Harvey Rice and Peter Holm (owner of Batt Cables PLC).

Past customers of XCS (and indeed, DAX) will be pleased to learn that the company will be remaining in Essex and is now located at Sewards End, Saffron Waldon.

Previous owners, Gary Sanders and Peter Walker, are continuing to provide all the help needed during the transition period as the company takes benefit from its massive new investment and gears up to meet unfulfilled customer demand.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to see XCS given the level of funding it deserves and finally be allowed to move forward”, said Gary Sanders. “The attention to detail and game-changing abilities of the XCS 427 had people beating a path to our door but we were never able to cope with demand due to our necessarily limited scale of operation and were always having to turn customers away.”

“It was horrible having to disappoint people” added Peter Walker, “but the only alternative was to take on more staff and bigger premises and that wasn’t something we felt comfortable doing at our time of life.

“If we could have hand-picked the next generation to take over the reins of XCS, we couldn’t have chosen better than Harvey and Peter. Between them, they have all the skills, resources and love of great British sports cars that the company needs!”

Harvey Rice can be contacted on 01799 599188 or via www.xcsdesigns.co.uk ENDS.