Wonder Wheels Original wheel cleaner has been around for years and although these days caustic and aggressive-smelling products aren’t as popular as they once were with new-fangled ‘bleeding’ fall-out removers being the new big thing.

However, Wonder Wheels is still pretty effective at removing road dirt, grease and a variety of other crud like pesky brake dust, although I’ve also found it to be particularly effective at removing carbon from chrome-type exhaust tips (we’ll be doing that test in a future issue of TKC Mag).

The instructions on the bottom actually advise that you should remove the wheels so as not to get any product brake calipers or discs, which isn’t always possible or convenient, which may mean you using an alternative product.

I tried it on some MGF 11-spoke, which were removed from the car and needed cleaning because I’d sold them on eBay. I have to say that the product worked well for me.

A 500ml spray bottle typically costs around £7 with Halfords being an obvious stockist. More information from www.carplan.co.uk ENDS.