Chipex, the purveyor of the world’s leading car touch-up paint kit, has uniquely developed three new car care products, which after comprehensive testing have now been launched, comprising of; Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Screen Wash, Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner and Uber Super Concentrate Car Shampoo.

The new car care products have been created using the latest and most technologically advanced chemistry available; each blended to a unique formulation to give the best results possible without compromise.

The Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Screen Wash boasts an innovative readily biodegradable water-repelling formula that doesn’t just clean your windscreen superbly, it forms a protective barrier. This prevents rainwater from building up on the surface in the future, improving visibility particularly in tricky weather conditions with a minimal residual smear. Its special formula is also formulated to prevent debris from sticking and it acts as an anti-freeze down to -2°C too.

Put simply, it’s not your ordinary screenwash! A 1-litre super concentrate bottle costs £13.95 and can last all season with up to eight wash bottle doses. Great value purchase versus RTU variants in the market.

The Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner uses the latest electrostatic technology to efficiently remove dust and dirt from your vehicle’s interior. It doesn’t just clean the surface, it leaves an anti-static residual active that prevents future electrostatic dust and grime build-up. It even has a functional classic New Car fragrance to impart excellent odour post use. A 500ml bottle is £12.95.

The Uber Super Concentrate Car Shampoo is the final of Chipex’s uniquely developed car care products. Like the Dashboard Cleaner, its chloride salt- free super concentrated formula gets the job of cleaning your vehicle done leaving a factory finish. The resultant anti-static coating helps keep your car cleaner for longer. It too is readily biodegradable and the optimised formulation prevents salt chalking and watermarking upon drying.

A 500ml bottle is £12.95.

All three products are available now at