Moss Europe has been supplying classic Jaguar parts for some time, however, the company is bringing its Jaguar services to the forefront with a new programme that spans all years and models of Jaguar. This will offer owners of modern, classic, historic cars and kitcars a comprehensive range of service and repair parts alongside an exciting selection of performance and styling parts.

Not only will this serve to keep Jaguars alive, it will also enhance their looks and performance to provide owners with the reward that comes from owning a great example of British motoring heritage.

For post-2000 ‘modern’ Jaguars Moss Europe provides service and repair items such as suspension bushes, Bilstein shocks, filter kits and engine sensors, as well as little things like washer bottle caps. Moss is also including items (such as brakes and service items) for models currently in production in preparation for these cars dropping out of warranty. Moss already stocks K&N air filters and Goodridge brake hoses for these cars but will soon be adding performance exhaust systems to its continually expanding range of performance and styling products for ‘modern’ Jaguars.

For older Jaguars from the 70s, 80s and 90s (such as the XJS, XJ40 and X300) modification is just as much a part of the scene as maintenance and restoration; thus, lowered suspension, wide wheels and performance tuning will be widely embraced.

Moss will be developing its offerings for these cars in the coming year and plans to introduce some trick parts to help owners achieve that perfect stance look whilst ensuring that their car is running well.

It’s also set to be an exciting year for classic and historic Jaguar owners with the XK 70th and XJ 50th anniversaries coming up. It is fitting that Moss will be building up the classic Jaguar area of its programme with an aim to launch many more lines in early summer.

Moss will be developing its performance part offerings for the classic models too… but most importantly, as with the entire programme, Moss will be bringing the service, knowledge and reliability that it is so renowned for within the Jaguar community.

For more details 0208 867 2000 or ENDS.