Loads of these used on kitcars over the years…

The classic Mini’s cheeky character has long inspired owners to put their own stamp on their car respective cars, which goes a long way towards explaining why Mountney’s range contains so many Mini-orientated products.

The firm’s wing/door mirrors are merely one of the latest examples of its longstanding commitment to Oxford’s most famous offering then, though they look set to be one of the most popular thanks to their stunning chrome on brass finish and classic, ‘bullet’ appearance. Their design ensures that they’ll suit the Mini’s mid-20th Century styling perfectly, no matter whether the buyer owns a pristine road going restoration or a svelte kitcar.

Of course, while appearance is an important aspect of Mountney’s chrome bullet mirrors, so too is safety. This is reflected (no pun intended) in their flat glass area and prominent mountings, both of which ensure drivers get a clear and accurate view of what’s approaching from behind.

Finally, Mountney is able to supply both left and right-hand variants of its classic bullet mirrors, both of which come supplied with Austin Mini OEM style mounting brackets for their respective side. It ensures a swift and straightforward installation process.

Mountney’s mirrors retail at £32.99 each INSA VAT with more information from

www.mountneyltd.com ENDS.