Webcon already produces a superb range of fixed and adjustable pressure EFI regulators with single and twin 8mm push on connectors.

Now the company has supplemented these with a range of regulators with -6 connectors.

Pressure                      Colour              Part No           Price
2.5 bar                         Red                  WFR325-6      £92.35 inc VAT
2.5 bar                         Blue                 WFR525-6      £92.35 inc VAT

3.0 bar                         Red                  WFR330-6      £92.35 inc VAT
3.0 bar                         Blue                 WFR530-6      £92.35 inc VAT
3.5 bar                         Red                  WFR335-6      £92.35 inc VAT
3.5 bar                         Blue                 WFR535-6      £92.35 inc VAT
4.0 bar                         Red                  WFR340-6      £102.31 inc VAT
4.0 bar                         Blue                 WFR540-6      £102.31 inc VAT
4.5 bar                         Red                  WFR345-6      £115.51 inc VAT
4.5 bar                         Blue                 WFR545-6      £115.51 inc VAT
0-5 bar adjustable        Red                  WFR305-6      £102.31 inc VAT
0-5 bar adjustable        Blue                 WFR505-6      £102.31 inc VAT

Available directly from Webcon and from their appointed dealers around the world with more info from 01932 787 100 or via www.webcon.co.uk ENDS.